About Us

Our staff size, breadth and depth of technical expertise, and familiarity with enterprise IT support allow small businesses to avoid the pitfalls associated with excessive reliance on smaller service organizations, independent freelance consultants, or mass-market computer support firms.

Working with E-Micro allows your small business to:

Avoid Dependence on Individual Freelance Consultants

For IT support, small businesses often rely excessively on freelance consultants. Although freelance consultants carry less overhead than full-service support organizations and can afford to charge nominally smaller fees, they are often stretched too thin to respond quickly to urgent situations. If an independent consultant is busy with another client, sick, on vacation, or in training, the lack of backup may force your business to wait for help during an emergency. As your small business grows, network downtime or problems with critical applications become more costly. The money you thought you were saving on a freelancer can be eaten up quickly by lost productivity. In addition, when freelance consultants encounter unfamiliar problems, their lack of a large engineering team to fall back on for advice forces them to learn on the job while you end up footing the bill for their ongoing education.

Have Access to Expertise in Complex IT Solutions

Many small service organizations or freelance consultants who cater to small businesses may excel at providing a limited set of solutions but lack the experience and depth to deal cost-effectively with complex IT infrastructures with multiple platforms and technology vendors. E-Micro's experience with global companies can be valuable to your small business because enterprise environments are inherently complex, integration issues require in-depth knowledge in many technical areas, and achieving a high level of stability, reliability, and security requires enterprise-proven best practices.

Build a Solid Foundation for Seamless Growth

Small businesses often start with an IT system implemented on a shoestring budget. Lacking a proper foundation, an accumulation of band-aid fixes often gets piled on top of a weak foundation. As a business grows, stability and scalability issues can hinder the success of the organization. Such environments need proper assessment, intelligent strategic planning, and broad-based expertise to upgrade cost-effectively to an IT infrastructure that will provide the solid basis to meet critical business needs and facilitate future growth.

Consulting Help for Migrating to 64-bit Computing

64-bit computing offers unprecedented performance, capacity, and system stability. Virtually all popular business applications and operating systems are now available in 64-bit versions for the same price as their 32-bit equivalents. Almost all server, workstation, and laptop computers shipped within the last few years have 64-bit capability. Still, most small businesses have not made the move to 64-bits. Part of the reason for this is that major technical obstacles can make it difficult to migrate from 32-bit solutions. Operating systems and applications have to be re-installed from scratch, and 64-bit drivers have to be found and tested. Overcoming these obstacles efficiently can be tricky, especially if you are doing it for the first time. E-Micro's 64-bit migration consultants have the experience to help small businesses save time and money and avoid business disruption during their move to 64-bit computing.

Desktop Support Services

E-Micro's desktop support services can help you to set up workstations, laptops, or handheld computers individually or assist your business to plan and execute a company-wide migration to a new platform or desktop application. E-Micro's Microsoft PC specialists can configure programs from the Microsoft Office suite or from Microsoft Dynamics business accounting and management analytics applications on your client PCs so they integrate efficiently with all Microsoft products, software from other popular publishers, SQL databases, and specialized line-of-business programs. For example, E-Micro can configure Outlook email client on a desktop or notebook to support both the workflow of your employee and the security requirements of your business. E-Micro can in addition provide remote and on-site troubleshooting services for workstations.